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Ever since the day I started to wander around Alberta with my “point and shoot Canon camera, the thought dawned on me that, although not as often mentioned in travel publications as a tourist or travel destination, Central Alberta is indeed an exciting and picturesque  place  for travel and tourism. I hope, through this web site  to help make it a sought-after destination from tourists around the world.

This year, I will be busy traveling around the province highlighting some destinations, and the nature and wild life that I think others who come from international destinations, would also enjoy. I want to invite everyone thinking of coming to Alberta, or travelling and being a tourist anywhere in canada. Travel. Enjoy. Respect. leave it all the same of better than you found ite thought has also been brought to my attention that there is a code of ethics which travelers and tourists can use, and it can even help us all to promote world peace through responsible, respectful and prosperous tourism. I really believe this can help promote, first local peace, and following that world peace. Treat everyone the same, and everywhere you go respect the environment, and everyone you meet.

As I travel, I will be happy to practice the things that The United World Tourism Organization has put together as a way of promoting world peace and harmony wherever I travel. Following their Global Code Of Ethics while traveling will potentially help many people to live a better life, and to experience less poverty, and more peace.

As I travel around my province, Central Alberta, or the world, its not just about my camera or the pictures. You can read more about The World Tourism Organization Here   Travelling is looking for any kind of human interest stories, from any culture, or location in Alberta. This online magazine in to report on all of the unique challenges, all the common and the astounding tourist destinations, and immense possibility to us  how we do our respective parts for travel and tourism, and  that we can demonstrate respect and share with the world, through tourism and then in return, make wherever they visit the same as or better than they found the area  they toured in If you have any tips, on these, or where you think would be a good tourism destination, in Alberta please contact me  anytime. I will be happy to help promote any topic of cultural interests in Alberta you may have. We can talk in our online magazine posts about both the good and bad if need beI am as we speak receiving great exaprie. Personal stories about cultural heritage, about disputes, and whats working or not working. Travelling want to make  tourism and Travel Alberta Great Again. Send in your thoughts to the editor today.  Contact David For Guest Editorial Publishing Guidelines

I have a membership with The International Travel Writers And Photographers Association, and have been taking some great courses on how to do all this from Great Escape Publishing.   I am looking forward to doing my part this year to make Alberta more prosperous by promoting awareness and education about how we can more to help our Province sustain targeted goals do our part tourism through my photography and a bit of writing that I will be submitting to various travel and tourism publications.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language / And next year’s words await another voice.”  – T.S. Eliot  

I am indebted to Great Escape Publishing:  for giving me the education and tools needed to get out here and do it. You might be interested too in what they have to offer at Great Escape Publishing:


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